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He is an accomplished paramedic, working in the industry for over 14 years with a keen desire to improve the well-being of the human experience to stress - setting people up to flourish.

He has extensive knowledge and understanding of the requirements to perform in unpredictable environments. His experience comprises responses to multiple natural disasters such as cyclones, floods, and fire.

Leigh Anderson has experienced the challenges and stresses of the paramedic profession. In a career covering deployments with the Special Response Team, Executive Manager of Operations, Senior Operations Supervisor, and Advanced Care Paramedic, he has built a long-lasting experience to life as a paramedic.

He can simplify complexity, institute growth and build high performance. He has taught at the university level as a guest tutor and consistently donates his time to volunteer organisations such as Volunteer Marine Rescue and Surf Life Saving.

He has worked with entire generations of paramedics as a mentor – influencing, guiding, and inspiring them into effective, powerful, community-shaping action. Acknowledged by experts in the field as ‘ably transcending his unique experiences, providing a bird’s eye view of the ‘job’, it's challenges and how to cope.’

He specialises in helping people leverage their unique talents to influence the outcome of stressful situations in a positive way. He is an excellent communicator; Anderson is effective conducting podcasts and interviews.

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