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A book about learning how to perform in high-stress, high-consequence environments.

"An engaging, evidence-based, and practical book on not only how to survive under pressure, but how to flourish"

Dr Dan Pronk, co-author of The Resilience Shield, former SAS soldier and Emergency Doctor. 


Coming in 2024

by Pan Macmillan Australia


Pan Macmillan Australia
have been behind some of Australia’s biggest non-fiction books, from multiple cookbooks and memoir by Sarah Wilson of I Quit Sugar fame, to internationally renowned author Steve Biddulph, and in 2020 they published the iconic Australian memoir The Happiest Man on Earth by Holocaust survivor Eddie Jaku. On an Australian contract, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k has sold over 1 million copies.

They have also published some very impressive veterans and thought-leaders on resilience whom I admire. Some of these notable publications include three Victoria Cross recipients, Mark Wales, WWII Kokoda veteran Reg Chard, The Resilience Shield trio and internationally Jocko Willink; and Dr Dan Pronk’s memoir.

They have been the cornerstones of their ‘resilience publishing’, and they look forward to the new flavour (poise) and perspective (paramedicine) I offer for them to explore together.

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The Paramedic Mindset provides simple explanations on how to implement the best strategies, tools and habits to develop poise under stress. It has been created for people who want to learn how to perform in high-stress, high-consequence environments.

It is an honest, vulnerable account of what it’s really like to be faced with a daunting, overwhelming traumatic experience – and having to take lifesaving action.

A lot of people are faced with traumatic events every day, but few can have a positive impact without panicking and fleeing. This book is designed to help you hold your nerve and flourish. 

Using the example of paramedics to develop a mindset of composure and self-assurance is ideal because they are under pressure every day. In the emergency medicine environment, there is no more important act than to make a correct decision, because the wrong one could be deadly.

You will learn how to take swift, decisive action in seemingly hopeless situations.

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Leigh Anderson deeply understands the challenges we face when placed under high stress. His career includes a diverse portfolio of paramedic operations in urban, rural, remote, marine, and austere environments. He has a Bachelor’s in Paramedic Science, a Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Paramedicine, and is a Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine.

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