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An online course designed to teach you practical and hands-on skills that you can actively apply in the field.

Everyone is equipped with professional training or job experience; we learn how to respond to a particular situation. We are not as equipped with an understanding of how to manage the human factors that come into play. We develop this knowledge through our experience and by looking to the experts.

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This course is designed to complement The Paramedic Mindset. It has been created to reinforce the teachings throughout the book and provide a practical demonstration of how to implement the strategies to perform under stress.

It teaches practical and hands-on skills that you can actively apply in the field.

We can't always control the things that happen in life, and, as a paramedic, medical emergencies are part of the everyday experience. However, you can learn to manage your mind to control your physiological response to stress. You can work to develop poise, which will allow you to control your responses to the events and circumstances thrust upon you.

Poise is about never being thrown off course despite the tremendous amount of internal and external pressures being thrust upon you, possessing composure and self-assurance. Having the ability to bend but not break.

Throughout this course, I will use stories to help reinforce the learning outcomes. Storytelling is an ancient and powerful way to teach, and I hope to continue that tradition.

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This image is taken from Braveheart. It is from the start of the film, before he has gone through any adversity and has no training for combat. He has just returned from being raised by his uncle.

His expression shows doubt, uncertainty and vagueness, like he is afraid of the future. You can see that he is taking in a lot of information and wearing it on his shoulders but not giving a lot back, not projecting anything outwards.

He looks innocent and child-like.

Braveheart 2.jpg

Compared to this image, later in the film, his face has become tougher, more assured and more determined.

His expression shows composure, fortitude, and ultimately poise. He is ready for what challenges he will face and has a strong belief that he can get through them.

His past experiences throughout the story have built this sense of Poise as well as his training and the support of his friends.


A fortitude to take on any challenge of your choosing.

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